Need a general idea of our services? You've come to the right place for repairs and replacements.


Add A Frame On Top Of Gate - Starting At $270

When a gate does not close or open, it's due to misaligned posts. Adding a frame at the top of a gate will result in a more stable and sturdy structure.


Replace A Rusty Lock Box - $200

Maintaining a functional gate is essential for you and your family's safety. We will replace your old lock box and weld a brand new one to the gate.


Repair Handrails Detached/Rusted Away From Bases

Ensuring a handrail is safe to use is vital. We have two solution options:

  1. Drill core in concrete and attach new post with fast-drying cement. 
  2. Place a 4" metal shoe on floor with  4 3/8" anchors.

Paint and Primer will be applied to area being repaired or replaced.


Metal Furniture Repair - Starting at $205.00

We restore metal items to make them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Price may vary on size, condition and shape of item.


Custom Truck Rack - Starting At $950

From dirt to planks of wood, we can build a rack based on the task at hand. We will add a custom metal rack for your truck to suit your personal needs.