Welds On Wheels
Welds On Wheels
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    Restoring A Staircase

    We replaced some of the landings, steps, power washed the rest of the metal parts that were reusable, then primed and painted the entire staircase.

    A Spiral Staircase

    This spiral staircase was assembled for a customer who needed to quickly access the basement from the first floor.

    A Custom Made Table

    The customer needed a table for a small dining room area.

    A Sturdy Handrail

    An installation of handrails, with posts included.

    Repairing A Handrail

    The handrail was unstable, due to the rust on one of the posts. We replaced the rusted post with a new one, and poured in new concrete.

    Constructing A Parkway Fence

    The client wanted a fence constructed around their front lawn and property.

    Installing A Mailbox

    We cut out a part of the existing fence to install the metal box, and then inserted the mailbox.

    Replacing A Guardrail

    The original guardrail was rusty and unstable, so we cut it out and replaced with a new one, prime and paint included.

    Installing A Top Frame

    We installed a top frame for added stability and to prevent issues stemming from the metal expanding and contracting due to temperature.