Restoring A Metal Staircase

We can replace some of the landings, steps, railings and power wash the rest of the metal parts that are reusable. After the work of repairing is completed, we can then proceed to prime and paint the entire staircase.

A Spiral Staircase

This spiral staircase was assembled for a customer who needed to quickly access the basement from the first floor.

A Custom Made Table

The customer needed a table for a small dining room area, providing a suitable item for the job is what we can be concerned about.

A Sturdy Handrail

An installation of handrails, with posts are included.

Repairing A Handrail

The handrails of this property were unstable, due to the rust on one of the posts. We replaced the rusted post with a new one, which we then proceeded to pour in new concrete to make the structure appear as new.

Constructing A Parkway Fence

The client wanted a small short fence constructed around their front lawn and property. We closely followed the client's specifications on a fence and did what we could do best.

Installing A Mailbox

In this installation, we cut out a part of the existing fence to install the metal box frame, and then insert the customized mailbox. After installment, we proceeded to paint the mailbox.

Replacing A Guardrail

The original guardrail was looking rusty and unstable, so we proceeded to cut it out and replace it with a new one, the prime and paint was included in the job.

Installing A Top Frame

We installed a top frame for added stability, we wanted to prevent issues stemming from the metal expanding and contracting due to temperature. The weather in Chicago can cause problems for fences.